Let Google design your native ads

Have Google automatically choose a design for your native ads to get started with native quickly and easily. Google chooses the layout, elements, call-to-action button, and more, and you can update the font and color. If you don’t have the resources to manually design effective native ads, or you want to try native without investing a lot of time, let Google design native ads for you.

Google optimizes the ads to perform well in an article or outside the main content area of your sites and apps — in other words, outside of feeds.

The resulting native creatives can only serve as programmatic ads. To serve native creatives as traditional ads, or to serve ads in-feed, please select the "Customizable for in-feed" option.

Get started with Google-designed native ads

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Native
  3. Click New native ad and then Single ad.
    Learn more about the Multiplex ad option.
  4. Click Select in the "Guided design editor" box.
  5. Under “Choose your path,” select Google-designed for in-article.
  6. Under “Define ad settings,” choose the Ad size and select all Formats you want Google to consider when creating the optimal native ad. Formats contain the elements that comprise your native ad.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. On the “Style your native ad” page, you can update colors and fonts to match the overall look of your sites and apps.
  9. Leave Let Google optimize colors and fonts selected if you want Google to optimize the colors and font of your ad. We’ll use your chosen settings unless we determine that other colors and fonts will perform better.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Target your native ad as you normally would and click Save and activate or Save.
    With either option, you'll be prompted to name your native style, and it will appear in the table of existing native styles. It will have a value of “Google-designed for in-article” in the “Format” column.
    • If you click Save and activate, the native style will have a status of “Active” and will be eligible to serve ads.
    • If you click Save, the style will have a status of “Inactive.” You'll need to activate the style later to serve ads. To do this, from the table, select the style and click Activate from the bar that appears.
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