Add forecast adjustments in the Visual Editor

You can make one ad opportunity change over one time period when adjusting forecasts in the Visual Editor.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Traffic forecast.
  3. Update the date range and any relevant filters to the forecast.
  4. Click Create adjustment and then Visual editor.
  5. Under "Select a date range,” specify the dates when the adjustment will be in effect.
  6. Adjust the forecast to reflect upcoming traffic pattern changes.
    As you change the numbers, a green line in the chart shows the potential results. We recommend entering 100 in the “% of existing” field to see the current numbers for the date range, and then updating one of the following:
    • The number of “Ad opportunities” you want to allocate for the date range.
      Example: If the current number of ad opportunities is 500, and you want to add 200, you would enter 700 in the “Ad opportunities” field.
    • The “% of existing” ad opportunities you want to allocate. Values over 100% indicate an increase in ad opportunities, the default of 100% results in no change, and values less than 100% will decrease ad opportunities.
      Example: If you expect mobile growth to increase 5% more than in the last year, you would enter 105 in the “% of existing” field.
  7. Click Save adjustment.
    The “Adjustment” ad opportunity number is updated to reflect the new adjustment. The adjustments will be reflected in forecasts within 24 hours.
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