Create and view placements

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Create a placement

Follow these steps to create a placement:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad units and then Placements.
  3. Click New placement.
  4. Enter a placement Name.
    When naming a placement, choose to describe the physical location of the ad units associated with the placement or indicate the particular section of content.


    A placement named "ABCProducts Unlimited Help Center Footer Banners" might include all footer banners within Products Unlimited's Help Center.

  5. Add a Description for this placement (optional).
  6. Under "Inventory," associate ad units to the placement by selecting the check boxes next to the desired ad units.
    • Each placement should include a unique combination of ad units.
    • You can complete this step later if an ad unit doesn't exist yet.
  7. Click Save.

View your placements

To see how your site's inventory has been defined by placements and to view which line items are forecasted to deliver to them:

  1. Click Inventory and then Ad units and then Placements.

  2. Use filters to search by name, creative sizes or view archived placements.

    • Name: The name of the placement.

    • Status: Indicates whether the placement is active, inactive, or archived.

    • Sizes: Sizes of the ad units contained in the placement.

    • Ad units: The number of ad units in the placement.

    • Description: A placement description.

  3. Click a placement to view additional details.

  4. Click Line items to view line items that are forecasted to deliver to this placement in the next 30 days. For a line item to be displayed, it needs to satisfy the following conditions:

    • The line item must be reserving inventory (including paused with inventory reserved).

    • Forecasting accuracy for new ad units will improve after enough time has passed to gather sufficient trafficking data.

    • Forecasting must predict delivery for the line item.


      If a 100 percent sponsorship ad is booked to the placement during the next 30 days, no other line items are displayed because none can deliver.

    • This page also displays remnant line items that fulfill the above requirements, unlike regular forecasts, which ignore remnant line items.

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