Monitor and debug live stream serving activity

You can monitor and troubleshoot a live stream video to either see a quick snapshot of how the stream is performing, or to view a historical log of all of the activity that's occurred within the stream.

Open the live stream monitor

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Live streams.
  3. Find the live stream you'd like to monitor or troubleshoot.
  4. Click Live stream monitor to see an overview of how the stream is performing, including any errors or warnings.
  5. Click the down arrow Down Arrow in each table row to see details about an activity, including the master playlist status and details about any errors and warnings that may have occurred while fetching or parsing the playlist.

See details about stream activities

The live stream monitor displays a log of all major stream activities that occurred within a specified hour. You can change date or time to view historical data for the last 15 days. 

  • Variants: Provides a representation of the status of variants.
  • Variant count: Total number of variants from which an activity occurred.
  • Serving status: Indicates whether the activity has triggered any errors or warnings.
    •   All variants are serving properly
    •   Not all variants are serving properly
    •   The stream is not serving
  • Activity type: Describes the type of activity that occurred. All major stream activities are shown. Every activity can be clicked for more information.
    • Ad break cue out: A CUE-OUT marker has been observed in at least one variant playlist.
    • Variant: Variants were updated as part of normal ingest.
    • Variant added: A new variant is added to the master playlist.
    • Variant removed: A variant is removed from the master playlist.
    • Short lived variants: Too many variants are being quickly added and removed. You might consider updating the "Master playlist refresh" live stream setting to "Manual".
    • Too many variants: Error or other issue in the encoder setup. This can lead to degraded stream performance.

Status of master playlist and variants

When you click the down arrow Down Arrow to expand an activity table row, you see details about master and variant playlists.

Master playlist information

  • Master playlist status
  • URLs
  • Errors related to fetching or parsing, along with the HTTP error code

Variants information

  • Variant status
    •   Variant is serving properly
    •   Variant is not serving properly
  • URL (Click  to see the contents of a playlist URL)
  • Bandwidth
  • Resolution
  • Codec
  • Errors
    • "Error parsing the variant HLS"
    • "Variant was reset"
    • "Variant playlist is stale"

      A playlist is considered stale if it hasn't changed for 2.5x the target duration. It's considered in error if it hasn't changed in 3x the target duration.

    • Other error text and HTTP error code encountered while fetching the variant

For any issues related to DAI troubleshooting or outages, contact publisher support.

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