Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Bids data in Ad Manager Data Transfer (Beta)

See details about each Open Bidding auction
This feature is in Beta
Features in Beta phase might not be available in your network. Watch the release notes for when this feature becomes generally available.

Information about each auction for your inventory is now available in Ad Manager Data Transfer. The NetworkBackfillBids file includes details about every Open Bidding and Authorized Buyers bid for your inventory, whether the bid won the auction or not. Data might be delivered up to 15 hours after the recorded event.

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NetworkBackfillBids file fields

Field name Description
AdUnitId The ID for the inventory ad unit where the creative delivered.
AdxAccountId The ID of the Ad Exchange (AdX) account that served the ad query.
AuctionType The value "1" indicates a third-party Open Bidding auction. The value “2” indicates a bid originating from Ad Exchange.
BidAdvertiser Name of the advertiser. Redacted for winning bids.
BidBidder Name of the bidder's account.
BidBuyer Name of the buyer's network
BidDealId ID of the deal that applied for this impression. Blank if no deal was applied.
BidDealType Type of deal. "Private auction", "Preferred deal", "Programmatic guaranteed," "EB auction package", or blank if no deal was applied.
BidPrice Offered price for this bid after revenue sharing calculations, displayed in the Ad Manager network's default currency. Rounded for winning bids.

Reason the bid lost or did not participate in the auction.

  • "Floor" indicates that the bid's CPM was below the seller's reserve
  • "Outbid" indicates that the bid lost to another candidate.
  • "Other" indicates that the bid lost for another reason, such as URL filtering.
  • "(Winner)" indicates that the bid was not rejected for any reason.
BidSellerReservePrice The per-buyer floor price from unified pricing rules. Redacted for winning bids.
BidYieldGroupCompanyId ID of the yield partner in an Ad Manager yield group that submitted the bid. Blank for Ad Exchange or if not applicable. Redacted for winning bids.
BidYieldGroupNames Names of the Ad Manager yield groups that matched the request. Blank if not applicable. Redacted for winning bids.
Country The name of the country associated with the IP address of the user.
CountryId A numeric ID assigned to a user's country which can be matched using the API.

The device on which the event took place. Grouped by type of device. Possible values:

  • "Mobile"
  • "Desktop"
  • "Other"
KeyPart The query_id from the AdQuery, hashed. This field can be used to uniquely identify a query or bid auction.
LineItemId The numeric ID for the delivered Ad Manager line item.
MobileAppId Mobile application ID that requested the ad, if any.
  • For Android, this is the package name.
  • For iOS, this is an integer.
OptimizationType The type of optimization applied when filling the request. Possible values:
  • "Optimized Competition"
  • "First Look"
  • Blank if no optimization type
OrderID The numeric ID for the Ad Manager order that contained the delivered line item and creative.
OSFamily The group the operating system installed on the user's device belongs to. Possible values:
  • "Apple iOS"
  • "Android"
  • "Other"
Time The time of the event in your network's local timezone, displayed in 24-hour format. Truncated and rounded down to the nearest hour.
TimeUsec2 The Unix time (also known as epoch time) of a query. Truncated and rounded down to the nearest hour.
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