Enable and configure Programmatic Direct

Enable Programmatic Direct and configuring Deal settings

Administrator user role required   Requires the "Administrator" role or roles with similar permissions to configure network settings.

This article shows you how to enable Programmatic Direct and configure Deal settings. Before you enable Programmatic Direct, ensure you have a mapped Ad Exchange account, otherwise you won't be able to complete this set up.

Enable Programmatic Direct

Once Programmatic Direct is turned on in your network, it can't be turned off. The option is hidden after saving.

  1. Navigate to Admin and then Global settings and then Features.
  2. Click to enable Programmatic Direct.
  3. Click Save.

Publisher profiles and Buyer visibility

You should now set up publisher profiles and buyer visibility under Sales and then Deals settings. These settings let you represent your network's inventory in the Marketplace. The Marketplace provides a shopping-like experience for buyers to strike deals on inventory they find interesting. Learn more


Ensure people in your Ad Manager network have the right roles and permissions to view and negotiate proposal. You can either:

  • Assign one of the default roles of Sales representative or Sales manager to users


  • Apply required permissions to existing or new roles

The permissions required to view or edit proposals and other items for programmatic can be found under Manage sales when you create or modify a role.

Next, ensure you configure "environment" types. Environment types are defined by through linked Ad Exchange accounts and identify the format of inventory or "channel" in which ads serve and include "Display", "Mobile in-app, and "Video".

Once you've done with environment types, users in your Ad Manager network are ready to negotiate proposals with buyers.

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