Native ads for Private Auctions/Preferred Deals

You can traffic native ads for Private Auctions and Preferred Deals. Follow the same setup used for other programmatic native ads, with the following differences.

Ad unit setup

  • When using the Guided design editor, Ad Manager properly renders the native styles when trafficked. Therefore, only Ad Manager ad units are supported with Private Auctions/ Preferred Deals.
  • With the Android and iOS app code option, native ads can be trafficked with either an Ad Exchange ad unit or Ad Manager ad unit based on the line item configuration.


  • Generally speaking, all targeting criteria is the same between Private Auctions/Preferred Deals and standard programmatic native ads.
  • Please keep the following in mind:
    • There is no “Native” inventory size.
      Size targeting should be based on the size set against the native style applicable to the Private Auction/Preferred Deal (e.g. “300x250,” “Fluid,” etc.).
    • Custom rendering is an additional valid option for mobile app deals. If your app is using Custom rendering to render native ads, you’ll need to choose “Custom rendering” as the inventory size (not a standard banner size) to traffic the ads correctly.

General best practices

Advertisers/buyers in native deals generally don’t know how their ads will be rendered beforehand. You may want to consider:

  • Sharing screenshots to help buyers understand how their ads will be rendered.
  • Building out custom styles optimized for deals.
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