Customize the default sequence of calculation

Learn how to change the sequence in which Ad Manager calculates proposal line items

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This article provides a brief description of the default sequence of calculation Ad Manager follows when users update quantity, cost, or rate related fields. This article also briefly describes alternatives and shows Ad Manager administrators how they can change the Ad Manager default to an alternative sequence which applies to all proposal line item in its network.

By default, Ad Manager uses the following sequence of calculation when determining the cost for proposal line item and corresponding line item:

  • Changing quantity updates cost
  • Changing rate updates cost
  • Changing cost updates rates

However, alternative sequences are possible in Ad Manager:

  • Changing quantity updates rate
  • Changing rate updates quantity
  • Changing cost updates quantity

Sales representatives can on a case-by-case basis apply one of these alternatives by using the advanced editor in a proposal line item. Alternative sequences could be useful to quickly update values in a proposal line items when negotiating terms with an advertiser (see Example usage of the advanced editor). Otherwise, if a sales representatives does not apply the advance editor features, Ad Manager uses its own default.

As an Ad Manager administrator, you can customize the default sequence of calculation to one or more of the alternatives above. Changing the sequence affects how Ad Manager calculates cost for every proposal line item in your network. The sequence you choose applies to every proposal line item in your network. Sales representatives, however, can continue to use the advanced editor to protected values regardless of the sequence you set.

Configuring the sequence of calculation to an alternative only affects proposal line item and not delivery line items created under the "Delivery" tab. As most would expect the Ad Manager default sequence of calculation in proposal line items, ensure that you have communicated newly applied sequences to people in your Ad Manager network before making the change.

To change the sequence of calculation:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab then click Sales.
  2. Under the default General tab, scroll down to the "Sequence of calculation" section.
  3. Select the new sequences of calculation desired.
  4. Click Save.

To revert the the Ad Manager default, set:

  • Quantity to Cost
  • Rate to Cost
  • Cost to Rate
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