Copy proposal line items

Copying programmatic proposal line items and what happens after duplication

In addition to being able to copy an entire proposals, you can also select individual proposal line items within a proposal to copy.

To copy proposal line items:

  1. Navigate to Sales and then Proposals and then All proposals or My proposals.
  2. Click the name of the proposal to go to its details.
  3. From the table, select checkboxes next to proposal line items.
  4. Click Copy

Copied proposal line items are automatically added to the current proposal.

When you copy proposal line items:

  • Ad Manager issues new IDs for proposal line items.
  • Attributes duplicated for proposal line items include dates, contracted values, billing settings, delivery settings, targeting and notes.
  • Overall proposal settings are also duplicated, including budget, terms and conditions, links and attachments.
  • The name of the new proposal line item is the original name appended with "(copy n)" where "n" represents a sequential number based on the number of times you've copied the proposal line item.

    For example, if the name of a proposal line items was Homepage football, and you copied it, the name of the new proposal line item would be:

    Homepage football (copy 1)

    If you copied the original proposal line item Homepage football again, then the name of the new proposal line item would be:

    Homepage football (copy 2)

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