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Traffic app video interstitials

Ad Manager app publishers who backfill through dynamic allocation can show video interstitials, including TrueView and Video click-to-download. They can display both skippable and non-skippable videos. Video demand will compete with standard Image ads to maximize performance for the publisher.

An interstitial ad usually appears in-between transitions from one section to another within a mobile app. Interstitial video formats provide a high-value option for app monetization:

  • Video demand is growing, and CPMs for video formats are often significantly higher than typical display units.
  • TrueView skippable video ads are a major source of demand for app video interstitials. They benefit users, as they can skip videos after five seconds. They’re also great for advertisers, who only pay if the video runs to the end or 30 seconds, whichever comes first.

    TrueView video ads aren't supported for Programmatic Direct.

    See the available features for Programmatic Direct.

  • Video click-to-download ads are also in high demand and are a great way for advertisers to increase app downloads. They’re included in the skippable ads category for this feature.


For a video ad to serve:

  • A publisher must have a recent version of the Google Mobile Ads SDK:

  • If you create an offer for a deal with video on mobile interstitial inventory, you must select Mobile In-App as the environment type.
  • A user must be using either WiFi or a 4G network.
If you're concerned about repetitive video ads, we recommend setting up a low floor in the ad rules with video-eligible ads. This helps to encourage the display of a variety of high-quality ads.

Allow video interstitials

The default is to block the display of video interstitials. You can allow video interstitials in trafficking by enabling the "Video" ad experience control.

Control which video interstitials to display

Once you activate the "Video" ad experience control, you can set up rules to control the types (skippable and non-skippable) and duration of videos that can be displayed.

Report on video interstitials

Use the "Inventory format" dimension to see how interstitials perform compared to other formats.

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