Claim apps for targeting

You can “claim” apps from mobile app stores (for example, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store) and Connected TV (CTV) app stores (for example, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Playstation, Xbox, and Samsung TV). At this time, Ad Manager only supports some app stores.

Beginning May 2021, we will use a new process to review and approve apps that are newly linked to an app store. To help us understand the source of apps, all new apps linked to app stores will need to be reviewed and approved. Ad serving will be limited until review is completed.

It's important to claim your mobile apps in order to better target apps.

Claim an app in Ad Manager

First you need to claim apps in Ad Manager. The apps you claim will be easily selectable for targeting.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Mobile apps. You will see a table listing all apps that you have already claimed.
  3. Click New mobile app.
  4. Select the app's platform, "iOS" or "Android", and click Continue.
  5. Select your app store listing status:
    • Yes, it’s listed in a store. Proceed to instructions for the relevant app store.

      If your app is listed in multiple stores, including both Google Play and the Apple App Store in addition to another Android app store, please follow all applicable instructions.

    • No, it isn’t listed yet. If you haven’t listed your app to app stores, you cannot add an app at this time.

For apps listed in Google Play or the Apple App Store

  1. Type to search by app name, app id or developer.

    Your app will only appear in the search results if it's listed in Google Play or the Apple App Store.

  2. (Optional) Click "Filter by app store" and select the app stores to search.
  3. Click Search.
  4. In the results, select the checkbox next to the apps you want to claim and click Continue.

For apps listed in other Android stores only (not in Google Play)

  1. Select the supported third-party app store that your app is listed in.
    If you’ve listed your app in a store we don't support yet, we recommend listing your app on a supported store.
  2. Click Continue.

Name and add your new app

  1. Enter an "App name". This is for your internal use only, and this name doesn’t affect the public name for your app.
  2. Click Add App.

The newly claimed apps appear in the table. You may encounter an error when attempting to claim an app if the app is currently suspended or private in the corresponding app store.

Supported app stores

At this time, Ad Manager supports the following app stores:

  • Amazon Appstore
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • OPPO App Market
  • Samsung Galaxy Store
  • VIVO App Store
  • Xiaomi GetApps

If you’ve listed your app on a store we don't support yet, we recommend listing your app on a supported store.

App status

Your mobile apps can have a status of "Active" or "Inactive":

  • Inactive: App cannot be used for targeting.
  • Active: App is available for targeting.

Shared app data for AdMob and Ad Manager

The name and status for mobile apps you claim in Ad Manager is shared with AdMob and vice versa. This means that when you create or add a new app in either product, the app will be shared between products. For example, if you add Example App to Ad Manager, it will automatically be listed in AdMob.

This means that you have a single set of apps across both products, while maintaining separate app settings for both products.

CTV app data is not shared, as CTV apps are only available in Ad Manager.

An app's visibility in AdMob is equivalent to your app's status in Ad Manager. For example, if you update the status of an app to "Active" in Ad Manager, it will update to "Visible" in AdMob. An app cannot be “Visible” in AdMob and “Inactive” in Ad Manager.

AdMob visibility Ad Manager status
Visible Active
Hidden Inactive


Other app information, such as the number of ad units and campaigns, are specific to the product. For example, you may have 10 ad units in AdMob with your mobile app and those ad units are not shared with Ad Manager.

If you’re a Multiple Customer Management (MCM) "Manage Account" child publisher with both AdMob and Ad Manager accounts, your MCM parent publisher will be able to view and modify your shared app data.

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