Private Marketplace

This article covers some mobile in-app specific information and FAQs. If you are new to Ad Exchange or our private marketplace, please read the preferred deals and private auctions sections of the Help Center for more information.

A mobile in-app private marketplace (PMP) deal works exactly the same way as that for a display or video deal. The only change is that you need to select your Ad Exchange Mobile In-app property when creating an offer.

Can I create one offer that spans mobile web and mobile app?

No. Because this kind of offer will span multiple web properties (display and in-app), and you can only associate a deal to one web property, you need to have two separate offers for mobile web and mobile in-app.

Will my blocks apply?

Buyer, advertiser, advertiser URL, phrase, and general category blocks can apply to PMP deals. If you opted to override blocks, they won’t apply. In addition, you can block creatives in the creative review or apply restricted category blocks. Ad technologies that are not opted into could also be a blocker to the deal.

  • You must set blocks in your Ad Exchange mobile in-app property separately for them to apply with the override blocks unselected. Your display or video blocks will not apply for the mobile in-app property.
  • Creative review blocks, phrase blocks, and restricted category blocks apply to PMP deals even if override blocks is selected.
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