Monetization strategy for apps

Mobile app ads have different capabilities than web ads. Therefore, it’s important to have a mobile app-specific monetization strategy. Your strategy can guide you on choosing ad sizes, formats, and placements that would work best for your app.

Of the various creative sizes and formats, certain formats for banners and interstitials have better performance than others. Also, interstitials perform better than banners, as long as the user interface allows a non-disruptive placement, such as between articles or levels.

For content-heavy apps, 300x250 medium rectangles are recommended on below the fold (when scrolling), potentially paired with a 320x50 or 320x100 ad at the beginning of the content. For more details, refer to IAB’s mobile guidelines and best practices.

If you work with Ad Manager, you can use Ad Manager Smart Banners to call Ad Exchange in-app. Smart Banners work with Ad Exchange in-app custom sizes as well, so you could set up 320x50 and 350x50 sizes, for example, for different mobile device widths.

Native ads can be less disruptive to the users while being more brand-focused and engaging. Native ads can be a great choice if you value a consistent user interface, design, layout, and brand experience.

In terms of ad placement, various mobile app categories perform better with different ad placement strategies.

See the guidelines for number of ads permitted per screen.

Some categories and successful placements observed include:

Category Placements
Content consumption app (for example, news, feed)
  • Native content ads or app install ads in the stream
  • Combination of 300x250 and 320x50 or Smart Banner ads for article pages
  • Interstitial in-between articles
Retail app 300x250 and 320x50 banners
Gaming app
  • Native app-install ads or interstitials placed at various game levels that are natural breaks for the user
  • Smart Banner or 320x50 non-intrusive adhesive banners
Social app Native ads in the stream
Travel app Native ads in the stream
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