Ad formats and sizes for apps

This article provides an overview of the available creative formats and sizes for Ad Exchange Mobile In-app.

Creative formats

Ad Exchange Mobile In-app supports the following creative formats:

  • Banners: Text or image ads normally displayed in the content stream or as adhesive units.
  • Interstitials: Text, image, or video (beta) ads shown when there are natural breaks in user’s interaction with your mobile app. Learn more.
  • Native:
    • Content ads: combination of text and image assets suitable for in-feed placements.
    • App Install ads: Promote and drive mobile app installs.
If you use Google Ad Manager, you can use Smart Banners with Ad Exchange in-app demand to address device fragmentation.

Creative sizes

Ad Exchange Mobile In-app supports a variety of creative sizes including:

  • Banners with IAB standard mobile sizes
  • Interstitials
  • Studio and expandable creatives
When Ad Exchange is served via Google Ad Manager you can have Smart Banners. Smart Banners allow Google Ad Manager to choose the best sized ad according to the size and orientation of the mobile app. Learn more.

Read the Android and iOS GMA SDK documentation for more information on standard banner and interstitial sizes as well as Smart Banners.

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