Use HTTPS encryption for creatives

Google is making a concerted effort to have HTTPS as the new default for all of ad serving, and almost all Ad Manager in-app ads are now automatically served through HTTPS (there may be minor discrepancies because of other factors that currently prevent HTTPS in a few situations).

Ad Manager can help you check creatives for SSL compatibility to ensure that your creatives are compliant. We strongly recommend all creatives to be fully SSL compatible to ensure these creatives are able to serve correctly on the latest mobile platforms.

To ensure creative-level SSL compliance, each creative, active content (for example, JavaScript), and all third-party pixels in the creative, must be communicated through HTTPS. Third-party support is needed because, once an ad request arrives over HTTPS, Ad Manager can only respond with a creative that is completely served over HTTPS.

You should work with all of your third-party partners to ensure SSL compliance. This includes partners who use third-party tags in their creatives. Although Google SSL compliance scans have a high degree of accuracy, automatic detection is not always possible with complex creatives serving mixed content.

For the IDFA or AdID macro and similar features, if any part of a creative is not secure, Ad Manager will reject it.

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