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The catalog

What is the catalog and what does it contain?

The catalog contains a list of all the products to which you have access. Products are created by your administrator and are similar to line items under the "Delivery" tab. They have much of the same settings as a line item and act as a kind of "template" from which you can create proposal line items. You'll learn more about products, and proposal line items in Proposal structure.

The catalog can contain many kinds of products. Products have a product type, such as "Ad Manager ads", "Non-Ad Manager ads", and "Offline charges". In addition, products also belong to an Ad Manager line item type (sponsorship, standard, network, and so forth), and are configured to have different rate types (CPM, CPC, CPD, and so forth). Choosing the right product for your transaction is important. For guidance on which products to use for a transaction, see Choose the right product for your proposal line item . A summary of product, rate, and line items types is contained in Rate types, line item types, and product types below.

The catalog has two tabs:

  • All products
  • Sponsorship products

You can browse or search for products in the catalog under either the "All products" or "Sponsorship products" tabs, the latter of which allows you to check day-by-day availability and other forecasting details of sponsorship products.

Find the catalog by navigating to the Sales tab then clicking Catalog.

The catalog provides several options:

  • The datepicker in the upper right allows you to select a date range, which be applied as the start and end dates of the products you add to your proposal cart. After you specify dates, be sure to click Apply.
  • The datepicker similarly allows you to specify a time zones. Be sure to click Apply when changing the time zone as well. The time zone indicated will be applied as the time zone of the products you add to your proposal cart.
  • You can filter products by various targeting, which then automatically configures that targeting in your products.
  • If you need sponsorship products, the "Sponsorship products" tab is a useful resource to find and select these products.

Rate types, line item types, and product types

      Product types
Not specified or not applicable - CPM, CPC, CPD, Cost per unit CPD, Cost per unit, Flat fee CPC
Sponsorship CPM, CPC, CPD CPM, CPC, CPD -- --
Standard CPC, CPM CPC, CPM -- --
Network CPM, CPC, CPD CPM, CPC, CPD -- --
Bulk CPC, CPM CPC, CPM -- --
Price priority CPC, CPM CPC, CPM -- --
House CPC, CPM CPC, CPM -- --
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