Map and target numeric key types

For ingested video content, numeric key types can be categorized into targetable ranges (called "buckets"). After a numeric key is mapped, you can set up these buckets, which then show in the targeting picker

Use milliseconds instead of seconds when creating numeric buckets.

You can map ingested numeric source keys to new keys in order to help you target and define your video content. You can do this if the source key is unmapped, or if it’s already mapped but you want to edit that mapping. For example, you might want to map source key="number_of_dislikes" to "dislikes".

Map numeric source keys

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Metadata.
  3. Navigate to the source key whose type is "numeric".
  4. Take different actions depending on whether or not the source key is already mapped.
    • If the source key isn't mapped yet ("not mapped" is displayed in the “Mapped key” column), click the source key. The “Set a default key mapping” dialog box opens.
    • If the source key is already mapped, and you want to change the mapping, click the mapped key corresponding to the source key you want to remap.
  5. Make a selection from the Key Name list, and click Save.
    If the key to which you want to map the source is not displayed in the “Key Name” drop-down, you’ll need to define a custom key, which will then show up in the “Key Name” drop-down after you refresh.

Create and target numeric buckets

For metadata consisting of Type="numeric" (for example, duration in milliseconds), you can define buckets, or ranges of numbers, and then classify and target your video content based on these buckets.

For example, you can create a bucket called "Short" for video content whose duration is less than or equal to 1 minute. Once you define and name the bucket with the time range, content that fits the duration criteria is automatically mapped to that key (for example, a 28-second piece of video content would be mapped to the aforementioned "duration=short").

Create and add buckets

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Metadata.
  3. Navigate to a source key whose type is "numeric". If the key is not yet mapped, follow the instructions above to do so.
  4. Click the numeric source key.
  5. Click New bucket.
  6. Make numeric entries in the "From" and "To" fields, and name the range with a "Value". You can leave the "From" or "To" fields empty if you’re designating the beginning or end of a range. For example, leaving "From" blank and entering "30000" in the "To" field will match any number less than 30001; that is, any video content of duration 30 seconds or less.
  7. Keep adding buckets and ranges as needed.
  8. Click SAVE.

Target buckets

  1. Create the buckets you want to target.
  2. When targeting a line item, select Key-values > [mapped key name] is > [bucket value].

From the example above, if you created "Short", "Medium", and "Long" buckets for your "duration" mapped key, you would target a line item to video content of medium length by selecting Key-values > duration is > medium in the targeting picker.

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