Forecast on audience demographics

Demographic forecasting is currently only available to publishers who have access to Audience Measurement reports. To enable the feature for your network, contact your account manager.

When you check the available inventory for a line item that will compete for video ad impressions, you can see how many impressions will be available by audience demographic. For example, the overall forecasting numbers indicate that there are 1.4 million available impressions for a specific line item; you can also see that 417,000 of those impressions would be viewed by women aged 18-24.

Google Ad Manager uses Audience Measurement reports to provide the data for demographic forecasting and gross ratings point (GRP) information. GRP is the primary metric for TV ad buys, and it includes data broken out by the age and gender of the audience. Digital ad buyers are increasingly asking for GRP to make digital ads comparable with TV. As a result, online GRPs are becoming the currency for online brand spend, particularly in online video, because they’re necessary to compete for budgets of agencies used to buying on TV.

With the Audience Measurement option, you'll be able to choose the age range and gender you want to forecast on, and then see the following for each possible combination:

  • Available: Impressions that match the line item's criteria, are currently free of obligations to other line items of any priority, and will be viewed by people of the specified gender and/or age range.

  • Total matched: The total number of impressions that would be available to this line item if it were unencumbered by other line items, and that will be viewed by people of the specified gender and/or age range.

For example, if you select a male audience aged 35 to 64, the "View demographic breakdown" section will include rows that display the available and total matching impressions for:

  • Gender: male

  • Age: 35 to 64

  • Male: 35 to 64

The other primary source for GRP in the United States is Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. We don't offer demographic forecasting for Nielsen, but if you select Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings while setting up the forecast and eventually create the line item, you'll be able to report on actual Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings impressions. Note that you might be charged a fee.

Set up demographic forecasting

Follow these steps:

  1. Check available inventory for a new line item as you normally would.
  2. Click Select in the "Video" ad type box.
  3. Next to "Expected creatives", click Add size and select Video/VAST sizes under "Creative size" for the creatives you want to use.
  4. In the "Delivery settings" section, make a selection under "GRP provider" to get demographic data in your forecast.

    If you select Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, you won't get forecasting by demographic, but you will be able to report on actual Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings impressions if you create the line item.

  5. Select the "Age range" and "Gender" of the demographic you want to see in the forecast.
  6. Enter the remaining settings and click Check inventory.
  7. Click GRP breakdown to see the forecast for the selected age range and gender, which only includes impressions from desktops in the US.

    If "Unknown gender and age" is displayed, it means that GRP privacy thresholds were activated because of low impression levels. This prevents us from specifying gender and age in the forecast details.

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