Troubleshoot Sponsorship line items

Why a Sponsorship line item might not deliver as expected

A sponsorship line item with a goal of "100" might not deliver to every eligible ad request. For example, if you've booked a 100% Sponsorship line item to deliver on your "Homepage" ad unit, but notice that other 728x90 line items are delivering, it might be that other line items of equal priority, variable targeting, and other factors below are affecting delivery.

Before you begin, verify that your line item type is "Sponsorship" and the Goal, or "weight", is 100%.

Common issues

Targeting criteria that overlaps with other line item targeting often causes Sponsorship line items to split traffic and not serve their full goal percentage. Learn more about how overbooked Sponsorship line items deliver.  

Other targeting criteria can limit Sponsorship line item delivery:

  • Geography targeting can limit delivery if a user from a non-targeted location requests an ad.
  • Frequency caps can limit delivery if the same user visits your page more frequently than the set cap.
  • Labels can limit delivery if another ad from a competing advertiser has already served to the page.
  • Key-value targeting can limit delivery if the targeted key-value is variable per request or user.
  • Roadblocks are line items with multiple creatives designed to serve together. If a roadblock line item has started delivering on the page, it might preempt your line item's delivery.

Find a solution

Inspect your page's delivery

Use Ad Manager troubleshooting tools to debug the specific slot to see which line items are in contention for the ad unit and why the sponsorship may be preempted.

Run reports to isolate the issue

Create an Ad Manager report with creative size, targeting, and line item as the dimensions and ad server impressions as the metric. Be sure to filter this report by the ad unit that should be showing only the sponsorship line item. Once this report is complete, filter the impressions in descending order to see whether other line items are being delivered to this ad unit instead.

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