Manage proposals and line items

Reserve and release inventory

Reserve inventory

Ad Manager can be prompted to reserve inventory for proposal line items in one of two ways: either as a result of a "Reserve inventory" rule explicitly added to a step of a workflow or when a proposal has successfully passed through all the steps of a workflow.

If there's an explicit rule, Ad Manager reserves inventory on the proposal line items. When the proposal passes through workflow successfully, Ad Manager creates a corresponding order and line items and transfers inventory to line items.

Only sponsorship and standard line item types are eligible to reserve inventory during workflow. Other line item types do not reserve inventory, even if there is a reserve inventory rule through which a proposal passes. Other line item types reserve inventory only when the proposal passes through workflow successfully.

Release inventory

The Release option allows you to release inventory for proposal line items that have already reserved inventory. You might want to release inventory if you need to retract your proposal for revisions that will be prolonged, don't plan to resubmit the proposal, or if you changed the proposal line items such that the requested inventory has changed.

The release inventory option is available only for unsold proposals—that is, proposals that have never successfully completed workflow—and only for proposal line items that are of sponsorship or standard line item types.

If the proposal successfully completed workflow, you will not have the release inventory option. Instead, consider retracting the proposal and archiving. In this case, the proposal needs to successfully complete workflow again, after which Ad Manager stops delivery, releases inventory, and archives corresponding line items. Learn more.

Good to know about rejected proposals

Proposals that have reserved inventory and been rejected continue to hold inventory. You'll need to release inventory for the proposal line items in these proposals if the proposal will go through prolonged revision or if you want to change the inventory in the rejected proposal.

To release inventory for a proposal line item:

  1. Navigate to the proposal details of the proposal line item whose inventory you need to release.

    Click the Sales tab and then My proposals or All proposals on the left navigation panel. Find the desired proposal and click on its name.

  2. From the More actions menu at the top of the proposal details, select Retract.
  3. When the proposal has been retracted, select the Line items tab.
  4. Select the proposal line items whose inventory you need to release.
  5. From the Actions menu above the table of proposal line items, select Release inventory.
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