Child publisher statuses

Child publishers you’ve invited to apply will appear under one of the following tabs on the “Scaled partner management” page depending on where they’re at in the process.

Tab on “Scaled partner management” page Description

Child publisher has been created in your account and the invitation has been sent. The invitation allows your child publisher to register with Ad Exchange as being represented by you, the channel partner. Click the partner name to see more details.

You can re-send an invitation as needed:

  • Select the check box next to the child publishers and click Resend invitation.
  • If you need the URL for the invitation for your own non-email correspondence with child publishers, click a partner name in the table, and the “Invitation URL” appears in the partner details.

If you delete a child publisher at this stage of the approval process, the child publisher is removed from the user interface, and the invitation URL becomes invalid.


Child publisher is pending approval by Google. This approval process usually takes take 24-48 hours. If your pending approval has not been updated within 7 days of submission, please contact your Account Manager.


Child publisher is approved and can begin receiving impressions.


These child publishers have been disapproved by Google. No ads are served to domains/apps classified to a disapproved child publisher, and there’s no way to re-submit for approval. Disapproved partners will have one of the following values in the “Status” column:

  • Policy disabled: The child publisher was disapproved for non-compliant behavior related to the Google Ad Manager Partner Guidelines.
  • Invalid activity disabled: The child publisher was disapproved for non-compliant behavior related to invalid activity.
  • Disapproved duplicate: A company should only have one child publisher registered under a given channel partner with all domains/apps properly associated in the domain/app classification section of the user interface. Duplicate child publishers will be disapproved.

We suggest following up with your child publisher for details and then, if needed, reach out to your Account Manager.

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