Traffic an Ad Exchange in-app ad into Ad Manager

This article is for calling Ad Exchange in-app from Ad Manager via dynamic allocation. Alternatively, you can directly connect with the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

Here’s how to traffic an ad from Ad Exchange in-app into Ad Manager:

  1. Link your Ad Exchange account to Ad Manager.

    Under your account settings, enable third-party access.

  2. (Optional) Click Inventory and then Ad units and create an Ad Exchange tag for Mobile In-App.

  3. Create an ad unit:

    • For banner: with one or more of the following fixed sizes - 728x90, 468x60, 320x50, 300x250.
    • For interstitial: with all of the following sizes - 320x480, 480x320, 1024x768, 768x1024.
  4. Create a line item with the following parameters:

    • Inventory sizes:
      • For banner: one or more of - 728x90, 468x60, 320x50, 300x250
      • For Interstitial: 320x480, 480x320, 1024x768, 768x1024
    • Under “Settings”, select Ad Exchange as your line item type.
    • For the “Web property alias”, ensure that you select your AdX in-app web property, which has the format ca-mb-app-pub-XXXXX.
    • Under “Add targeting”, include the ad unit created in step 3.
  5. (Optional) Specify flexible inventory sizes to expand ad requests beyond the sizes specified in steps 3 and 4.

  6. If you created an Ad Exchange tag, under the line item's Creatives tab, click Add creatives for each size and paste the code you copied from Ad Exchange into the creative of the same size.

  7. If you don’t want a specific Ad Exchange tag (Ad Exchange will use the generic tag):

    Under the line item's Creatives tab, click Automatically generate creative. A creative is auto-generated for each size selected in the line item.

  8. (In your app) Use the Ad Manager ad unit ID in the SDK call:

    /{Ad Manager network ID}/{Ad Manager ad unit name}

    Don’t forget to include the slash at the beginning of the ID.

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