Sold versus unsold proposals

Before a proposal has successfully gone through all of the steps in workflow, it is considered unsold. When the proposal successfully completes all its workflow steps for the first time, it is marked with a "Finalized" status and considered sold.

Ad Manager creates a corresponding order and line items. Some proposals might still need to go through revisions after point. In these cases, you can retract a proposal for further modification. The corresponding order and line items continue to serve until the proposal is submitted and passes through workflow again, at which point the corresponding order and line items are updated to reflect changes. If a proposal is archived, its corresponding order and line items stop delivery and are also archived.

Ad Manager continues to consider a proposal sold, even though it has been retracted for more revisions. The sold versus unsold distinction is important because it can have an impact on reporting and on the kind of business rules that a proposal goes through when submitted to workflow. Thus, a proposal that has been retracted might need to abide by a different set of rules than proposals that have never completed its workflow.

Good to know about submitted proposals

Some fields or settings are no longer editable after a proposal is sold and retract for additional changes. See Non-editable fields and settings in sold proposals for more details.

Business rules are determined by your organization and set up by your Ad Manager administrator. You can learn more about workflows in Understanding workflows and how they relate to unsold versus sold proposals.
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