Upload an export template

Once an export template has been created, you can upload it to Ad Manager

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An export template allows salespeople to download proposal details and and other customary information into a standardized format. The resulting exported file can then be shared with advertisers or agencies.

As an Ad Manager administrator, you can add export templates under the Admin tab, which can then be used by salespeople under the Sales tab when viewing a specific proposal. Before you can add an export template using the procedure below, you'll need to create an export template.

Upload an export template

  1. Under the Admin tab, click Sales, then Export template.
  2. Click New export template.
  3. Enter a name and an optional description.
  4. Select Exclude proposal line items from proposal packages if you need to exclude proposal line items under a proposal package from exported files. If you select this option, ensure that you name the template or add a description that indicates the exported file won't display proposal line items in a package. Learn more.
  5. Select a file for upload.
  6. Click OK.

The file is now ready for use by salespeople.

Supported file types

You can upload Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets with the *.xls extension or Microsoft Office Excel Open XML spreadsheets with the *.xlsx extension. Exported files are always in the Microsoft Office Excel Open XML Format, using the *.xlsx file extension.

Modify, download, and remove export templates

  • To modify and existing template:
    • Navigate to the list of templates and click on the name of the template.
    • You can update the templates name, description, or change the file associated with that template. To change the file, click edit next to the exiting file name, choose a new file, and click OK.
  • To download an existing template files:
    • Navigate to the list of templates and click on the name of the template.
    • Click the exiting file name and Ad Manager downloads the file.

    Downloading a previously uploaded file can be useful to repurpose or modify the existing file.

  • To remove templates:
    • Navigunder the ate to the list of templates.
    • Select templates and click Delete.
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