Create default settings for line items

If traffickers in your network frequently use the same settings for line items, you might want to set them as defaults. When you do, these settings are automatically selected whenever anyone in your network creates a new line item. As with all line item settings, users can change them as needed. These settings are a subset of those that are available when you create a line item.

Set line item defaults

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Delivery and then Line item defaults.
  3. Set the default values you want. You don't need to set them for all fields.

  4. Click Save.

Line item default options

You can set the following options as defaults:

  • Name: If you have a standard naming convention that's applied to most or all line items, you can enter it here. For example, if you start all of your line item names with "Ad Manager Network 1 - ," you can add that as your default name.

  • Allow same advertiser exception: If you're using labels to prevent competing ads on a page, You can make an exception and allow multiple line items from the same advertiser to deliver to the same page and to the same user.

  • Comments: If you have standard comments, or a standard template for comments that you want traffickers to see every time they create a line item, add them here.

  • Type: Choose the default line item type for your network.

  • Deliver impressions: Set a default rate at which to deliver impressions: as fast as possible, or evenly over each line item's life.

  • Display creatives: Set how creatives from each line item are shown on a page, either together or one at a time.

  • Rotate creatives: Set a default rotation type for line items with multiple creatives.
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