Data protection reports (Deprecated)

Shows what cookies were detected for each Ad Manager creative

When you add creatives in Google Ad Manager, the system scans them for malware. As part of that process, Ad Manager checks to see whether the creative places a cookie when it's viewed. For directly sold campaigns, the Data protection report shows what cookies were detected for each creative. The report shows who is cookieing ads on your site broken down by advertiser, order, line item and creative. It also details the specific technology vendor from which the cookie originates.

Create a Data protection report

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Reportsand thenQueries
  3. Click New query.
  4. In the "Report type" section, select Data protection (Deprecated)  .
  5. Click edit and use the date picker to select a date range.

    A minimum of five days must be chosen to generate a data protection report. Data is available for the previous 90 days.

  6. (Optional) Select and define any report filters.
  7. In the “Report dimensions” list, choose from the available options.
  8. (Optional) Select any additional dimension attributes (e.g. if you chose the “Cookie URL” dimension, you can additionally select Cookie vendor and Vendor type).
  9. In the “Report metrics” section, under “Data protection report", ensure Number of unique cookies is selected.
  10. (Optional) Click Preview report to see how the dimensions and metrics are formatted
  11. Click Run report.

Once the report has completed, you have the option to save, edit, or export. If you choose to save the report, it is listed on the "Reports" page.

Be aware
  • Report data is primarily useful for Ad Manager-hosted creatives. If the creative asset is hosted by a third party, it's possible that the third party could modify the asset after Ad Manager has checked it.
  • Creatives that are delivered via dynamic allocation (for example, from Ad Exchange, AdSense, or AdMob) are not included in the data protection report.
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