Select ad types and backup ads in Ad Exchange

To further customize how Ad Exchange works with your ads, you can specify ad types and backup ads for targeted inventory.

  • Ad types: You can choose to serve both image and text ads or image ads only. For inventory where you want to serve text-only ads, you can create native ads.
  • Backup ads: If no targeted ads are available for your page, Google will show a transparent space instead of ads. However, you have the option to enter a URL to display an image or HTML page if Google isn't able to show targeted ads.
We recommend populating your network with widely targeted (run-of-network) House or Ad Exchange line items to avoid unfulfilled impressions.

Set up your ad types and backup ads

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad Exchange rules and then Ad types & backup ads.
  3. Click the appropriate inventory type sub-tab (for example, Display).
  4. Create a new style or edit an existing one.
  5. Name your style and use prioritization to manage how these styles are implemented.
    Organize styles assigning the most important ones the highest priority (1 being most important).
  6. Configure the targeting of your inventory.
  7. For "Ad types," select whether you want to serve:
    • Image/rich media & text ads: We recommend this default option to maximize your revenue.
    • Image/rich media ads only
  8. (NOT APPLICABLE to Video, Mobile In-App, or AdX for Games ads) For “Backup ads,” decide what happens if Ad Exchange doesn’t return an ad (no targeted ads are available to serve):
    • Show blank space: Recommended if you use Ad Exchange in conjunction with Ad Manager. Ad Manager's logic ensures that if Ad Exchange returns a blank ad to Ad Manager, Ad Manager will select another line item to serve.
      Note that dynamic allocation does not take backup ads into account
    • Show other ads from another URL: Enter a static image or HTML page. Learn more about backup ads.
  9. Click Save.
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