Bulk upload creatives

You can bulk upload third-party, image, and Campaign Manager tag creatives, as long as they all belong to the same advertiser.

File types and the creative types Ad Manager will assign to them

File type Creative type
GIF, JPG, or PNG Image
TXT or HTML Third-party or Campaign Manager tag
JS (JavaScript) Third-party
Zip bundle HTML5

Prepare files for bulk upload

For third-party and Campaign Manager tag imports, you'll need to use text (*.txt) files or HTML (*.html) files. Be sure to ask your advertiser to send you text or HTML files that have been formatted appropriately.

  • Recognized third parties: Ad Manager recognizes text files from MediaMind, Facilitate, Ensemble, and Atlas. One text file can be used to create multiple creatives.
  • Campaign Manager tags: Ask your DCM advertiser to export tags as a text file and to include internal redirect among the tag types.
  • Unrecognized third parties: For other third parties, provide one text or HTML file for each creative.
  • HML5 zip bundle: Follow the requirements for HTML5 in for Ad Manager.

Bulk upload creatives

To bulk upload creatives:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.

  2. Click Delivery and then Creatives.

  3. Click Add creatives.

  4. Begin typing to search for the advertiser whose creative you're adding. Each creative is associated with one advertiser.

  5. When you've found the right advertiser, click Continue.

  6. Drag and drop files from your computer to Ad Manager. You can also click Browse to browse and select files from your computer. You can add up to 50 individual supported creative files at once or an HTML5 zip bundle.

    Ad Manager automatically sets the creative type for files. For example, if you upload a JPG file, Ad Manager sets the creative type to "Image", while uploading a TXT file means Ad Manager set the creative type to third-party or Campaign Manager tag creative if Ad Manager recognizes the TXT file as such.

  7. Complete the details for each creatives and click Save.

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