Default pricing rule in Ad Exchange

To ensure that all bid requests have properly targeted inventory and valid pricing, all accounts consist of a default rule in Ad Exchange. The default rule is used when rules with higher pricing priorities do not apply to an impression, that is, the default rule applies pricing for any impressions that are not called out in other rules. This default pricing rule cannot be deleted and is set to the following:

  • (THIS CANNOT BE EDITED) Target all inventory, all geographies, all sizes, and all key/values. 
    • For video and AdX for Games ads, targets all inventory, all geographies, all durations, all types, and all positions.
    • For Mobile In-App ads, the targeting inventory selector DOES NOT include URLs as a menu item.
  • (THIS CANNOT BE EDITED) Address ad requests from everyone who is not specified in this rule. Since there are no buyers or advertisers selected, this rule would apply to all buyers and all advertisers.
A default pricing rule that applies to all bid requests is set at the lowest priority level. If no active rule higher than the default exists, the default rule is applied to bid requests.
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