Understand Video Solutions report metrics

Some metrics are only available for certain features, which might not be enabled for your network. You can see a list of feature availability, or contact your account manager for more information.

When you create a report for Video Solutions, the following metrics are available, depending on the report type and video dimensions you've selected. Additional metrics exist for VAST errors and video content.

Types of video metrics

Quantity metric type
Indicates a quantity metric. These provide a total count of events.
Calculation metric type
Indicates a calculated metric. These are calculated based on quantity metrics, by the formula shown.

Video viewership metrics

Metric Metric type
Number of times video ads play automatically. To implement auto-play metrics in your player, set the autoPlayAdBreaks parameter using the SDK.
Quantity metric type

Average view rate
Average percentage of a video that is watched by a user.

Formula: (0.125 × videoStart + 0.25 × videoFirstQuartile + 0.25 × videoMidpoint + 0.25 × videoThirdQuartile + 0.125 × videoComplete) ∕ VideoStart

Two users watch a video. One user watched the whole video, so there's one Video Start, one Video First Quartile, one Video Midpoint, one Video Third Quartile, and one Video Complete. Another user watched past the Video First Quartile but did not reach Video Midpoint.

The average view rate is 0.6875 ((1 + 0.375) ∕ 2 starts).

Calculation metric type

Average view time
Average time, in seconds, that a video is viewed per view.*

Formula: Average view time = Total video view time ∕ Video starts

A 20-second video is viewed by one user for 20 seconds. Another user views the same video for 10 seconds.

The average view time is calculated as 15 seconds (30 seconds ∕ 2 starts).

* If a user drags the scrubber (video timeline) backward or stops the video altogether, the video view time is stopped.

Calculation metric type
Number of times video ads have played when clicked. This is the default behavior of video ads.
Quantity metric type
Number of times that a video plays to its completion.
Quantity metric type

Completion rate
Percentage of times the video played to the end.

Formula: Completion rate = Video completes ∕ Video starts

One user watches 20 seconds of a 20-second video creative. Another user only watches 10 seconds.

The completion rate is calculated as 50% (1 complete ∕ 2 starts).

Calculation metric type
Engaged view
Number of times the ad was viewed to completion. For VAST 3 or 4, a completion occurs either when the user reaches the end of the ad, or reaches the "Skippable view time" defined in your network settings, whichever comes first.
Quantity metric type
First quartile
Number of times that a video plays to 25% of its length.
Quantity metric type
Number of times that a video is played until the middle of its view length.
Quantity metric type
Skip button shown
Number of times the "skip" button was shown (the skip button is shown 5 seconds after a skippable ad starts).
Quantity metric type
Number of times that a video is started.
Quantity metric type
Third quartile
Number of times that a video plays to 75% of its length. 
Quantity metric type
Total error count
Number of times an error occurred, such as a VAST Redirect error, a video playback error, or an invalid response error, including for dynamic allocation (Ad Exchange and AdSense) impressions.
Quantity metric type

Total error rate
The average percentage of error per impression.

Formula: Total error rate = Total error count ∕ (Total error count + Total impressions)

A video creative duration is set improperly and the player reports this error for every impression.

The total error rate is 100%.

Calculation metric type

Video length
Duration of the video creative, if hosted by Ad Manager.

Applicable to advertiser-hosted Programmatic Guaranteed or Preferred Deal programmatic video creatives only, this metric will report the "Max duration (seconds)" value set in the corresponding line item.

Quantity metric type

View-through rate
Percentage of times the ad was viewed.

Formula: View-through rate = Engaged view ∕ Number of times a user reached the "Skippable skip time" defined in your network settings

One user watches 20 seconds of a 20-second video. Another watches only 10 seconds.

The view-through rate is calculated as 50% (1 engaged view ∕ 2 skips shown).

Calculation metric type

Tracking for some video viewership metrics may vary slightly due to a number of reasons such as lost pings due to mobile network connectivity. For the most accurate data, ensure you're using the IMA SDK and have implemented player state functions, like onEnded(), correctly.

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Video interaction metrics

These metrics are only available to publishers with access to advanced video features.

Metric Metric type

Average interaction rate
The average number of user interactions with a video. An interaction includes a click to collapse, expand, full screen, mute, pause, resume, rewind, skip, or unmute.

Formula: Average interaction rate = Total video interactions ∕ Total video starts

One user only interacts with a video creative to unmute (1 interaction). Another user unmutes and clicks to full screen (2 interactions).

The average interaction rate is 150% (3 interactions ∕ 2 starts).

Calculation metric type
Number of times a user collapses a video, either to its original size or to a different size. For overlays, this tracks the number of times the user minimizes the ad without fully removing it from the player.
Quantity metric type

Average time, in seconds, that an expanding ad is viewed in an expanded state, per impression.*

Formula: Expand = Total expansion time ∕ Total impressions

One user expands an expanding ad for 10 seconds. Another user expands the ad again for 20 seconds.

The expand is calculated as 15 seconds (30 seconds ∕ 2 impressions).

* Expansion times that exceed several minutes are capped. An extended expansion time can occur when a user opens an expanding ad without collapsing the ad or closing the browser. This cap rule prevents skewed results for average display time in reporting. While this event is counted only once per impression, the time that the ad remains in an expanded state is recorded as the total expansion time.

Calculation metric type
Full screen
Number of times ad clip played in full screen mode. Event only applicable for Windows Media Player.
Quantity metric type

Number of times the video player was in the mute state during the play of a video ad. If a player is muted before the ad plays, it's counted the same as when a user mutes the player while the ad plays.

Note: The "Mute" count may be higher than "Start" count for video. This can happen when, for example, first mute is triggered by the SDK via adsManager.setVolume(0) prior to the ad loading.
Quantity metric type
Number of times a user paused the video ad. 
Quantity metric type
Number of times the user unpaused the video.
Quantity metric type
Number of times a user rewinds the video.
Quantity metric type
Number of times an ad was skipped.
Quantity metric type
Number of times a user unmutes the video.
Quantity metric type

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Support for reporting issues is limited to video ads that use our IMA SDK.

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