Change a user's trafficking time zone

This article is specific to an opt-in feature.
This feature might not be enabled in your Ad Manager environment. Contact your account manager for details.

You can change an Ad Manager user's time zone to match the user's location. When you do, the displayed times throughout the trafficking sections of Ad Manager will be adjusted to match the time in the location you've set for the user. Keep in mind that this setting affects how dates and times are displayed in Ad Manager, not how ads are served to web users. If you don’t set a time zone, the local time set for the network is used.

For example, your network time zone is 'America/New York', but you’ve set your time zone as 'Europe/Paris'. A trafficker in New York creates a line item and sets it to begin at 9 am on January 15. When you view the same line item, you’ll see the start time as 3 pm on January 15.

Time zones in reporting are not affected. They’re still based on the network time zone. Additionally, any other location throughout Ad Manager where a time is displayed without a time zone label, it’s the network time zone, not the user's individual time zone.

Daylight saving time

Time zone settings take daylight saving time into account. If your time zone uses daylight saving time, Ad Manager will adjust the time zone label to show the appropriate time zone for whatever date and time you're viewing. For example, if your location is 'America/New York', the time zone will be shown as either 'EST' (Eastern Standard Time) or 'EDT' (Eastern Daylight Time) depending on the date.

Change a trafficking time zone

This requires administrator access.
  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Access & authorization.
  3. Click on the user's Name.
  4. Change the Trafficking time zone.
  5. Click Save.
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