Overview of feeds for Video Solutions

To target ads to video content, Ad Manager connects to your CMS (content management system) and ingests the video metadata. For some systems, such as Brightcove and Ooyala, Ad Manager has a native integration that works through the Ad Manager interface. For most others, Ad Manager can ingest metadata by using a feed-based on RSS.

In the specification, you can see:

  • How a video CMS should expose video content metadata in a feed for ingestion by Ad Manager.
  • A mechanism for paging, to facilitate ingestion of large amounts of metadata, and speed up the periodic syncs needed to refresh the metadata. Paging ensures optimal performance.

Structure of the video content metadata feed

See the required and recommended elements, or the structure for setting up your feed in the sample feed. The elements correspond to the namespaces that Ad Manager reads while parsing the feed, listed below.

Schema Namespace URL Namespace prefix used in examples
Atom syndication format http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom atom
Open search schema       http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.1/ openSearch
Media RSS http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/ media
Video Solutions metadata http://api.google.com/dfpvideo dfpvideo
TMS / Gracenote metadata http://data.tmsapi.com/v1.1 tms

Frequently asked questions

How does Ad Manager make a request for an MRSS feed?

Your feed URL points to a paginated feed of all videos in the your publisher's CMS.

Do I need to provide a delta MRSS feed?

The delta feed has been deprecated and no longer applies. Your content syncs according to the required <lastModifiedDate>, which indicates when any aspect of the video or its metadata was last modified.

What is the difference between the three different date fields in an MRSS feed?

Three different date and time-related MRSS XML fields may be included in a MRSS feed: <pubDate>, <lastModifiedDate>, and <lastMediaModifiedDate>. They are each used for different purposes. Learn about the differences between the dates used in video feeds.

Can Ad Manager deal with very large video inventory?

Ad Manager can handle any number of videos. You should always paginate your full feed; pages of 100 are recommended.

How does Ad Manager handle mid-roll cue points in videos?

Whenever Ad Manager syncs with the content source, it ingests cue point information. You can also initiate a manual sync if you add or change cue points in videos and want to update the video information in immediately.

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