Set up the Google Publisher Console

Learn how to set up and view Google Publisher Console

There are a few ways to view the Publisher Console, which can only be used on webpages containing Google Publisher Tag.

Once you open the Publisher Console, you can click Troubleshoot in the upper right corner to open the Delivery tools in Ad Manager. You can find out why certain ads delivered and not others, which line item would deliver if you were to request the ad slot again, and more.

Bookmark method (recommended)

Create a bookmark that executes a JavaScript function that opens the Google Publisher Console when viewing a page that has the GPT library loaded (that is, any page where ads display using GPT).

Set this function on any browser in desktop or mobile web environments. To create the bookmark in Chrome:

  1. Click the More icon More and then Bookmarks and then Bookmark Manager.
  2. In the Bookmark Manager, click the More icon More and then Add new bookmark.
  3. Enter a name for the bookmark (for example, Publisher Console).
  4. Copy and paste this code into the “URL” box:
    javascript: googletag.openConsole()
  5. Click Save.
  6. Navigate to a website where ads are displayed using GPT.
  7. Click your newly created bookmark to open the Publisher Console.
    • The bookmark appears where you placed it in step 2. For example, it may be in the bookmarks bar under the address bar.
    • For mobile web, you may need to load the bookmark through the address bar.

Other options to enable Publisher Console

Console method

After loading the page, enter javascript: googletag.openConsole() in your browser’s JavaScript console and run the code.

To access the JavaScript console in Chrome, click the More icon More at the top right of your browser window, select More tools and then Developer Tools, then click Console.
URL method
This option doesn’t work on all websites.

Before loading the page, append one of these query string parameters to your page’s URL in the address bar of the browser:

  • google_console=1: Makes the Publisher Console toggleable using a keyboard shortcut (see below).
  • google_force_console=1: Causes the Publisher Console to display automatically after the page is loaded.

Turn the Publisher Console on or off

After you’ve loaded the Google Publisher Console using any of the above methods, you can toggle it on or off using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F10 (on a Mac, use fn+control+F10).

To prevent the Google Publisher Console from loading on subsequent page loads, be sure to close out of the Console. Click Close in the upper right corner of the Console.

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