What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for April 22, 2019

Manage inventory

Introducing unified pricing rules (Beta)

As announced in the Google Ad Manager blog, your inventory will gradually transition to a first-price auction in the coming months. Unified pricing rules replace Open Auction pricing rules as part of that transition. Learn more about these changes and when they will occur in Transition schedule to first-price auction.

Traffic and deliver ads

Rendering of synchronous GPT tags no longer supported

On December 3, we deprecated the ability for GPT to render ads synchronously. This means that the API methods enableSyncRendering() and enableAsyncRendering()have been completely disabled and removed. GPT will only render ads asynchronously, resulting in a better user experience. Learn more


Coming soon

  • Removing settings for ad types, ad styles, and backup ads
    When you set up ad types, ad styles, and backup ads for Ad Exchange, we’ll soon be removing some of the options. This will simplify the setup process while still allowing you to manually configure the options with native ads. Learn more

  • See revenue impact of adding protections
    You’ll be able to see how blocking a general category affects your revenue. Keeping categories unblocked allows more advertisers and buyers to compete for your inventory, which increases coverage and helps you maximize your revenue.

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