What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for December 3, 2018

Manage inventory

Rendering of synchronous GPT tags no longer supported

As of today (December 3), we have deprecated the ability for GPT to render ads synchronously. This means that the API methods enableSyncRendering() and enableAsyncRendering() are no longer supported, but they will continue to function until April 2, 2019. On April 2:

  • We’ll completely remove the functionality.
  • Calls to enableSyncRendering() or enableAsyncRendering() will result in a JavaScript error.
  • GPT will only render ads asynchronously. Asynchronous ad rendering results in a better user experience. Learn more

Control video ad eligibility based on duration

You can now control programmatic video ad eligibility based on video duration, via your video ad tags, creative settings, line item settings, or network settings. Learn more

Traffic and deliver ads

Target, forecast, and run reports on set-top box (STB) devices  (Beta) 

Set-top boxes (STB) can now be targeted or excluded as a "device category" in targeting criteria. They can also be used in traffic forecasting or with the device category dimension of Query Tool reports. This feature is currently in beta and not available in every network. Contact your account manager for information.

Review Ad Exchange ads with the Ad review center

Based on your feedback, we created the Ad review center as a better way to review Ad Exchange ads on your app or site. The Ad review center replaces Creative review and has several improvements, including enhanced search and filtering, a third tab to help you better manage the ads review process, and a simpler way to interact with ads on the main page. Learn more

Monetize AMP Stories with Google Ad Manager

AMP Stories is an open source ad format for visual storytelling. You can use Ad Manager to traffic custom creatives on AMP Story pages. Initially, this feature will only be available for reservations. Learn more

Report and optimize

Set Target CPM on open auction pricing rules

You can now specify a target CPM on open auction pricing rules to earn more revenue over time. Ad Manager adjusts floor prices to match more bids based on the target CPM indicated. This feature is no longer in beta and is now generally available. Learn more

"Enable Target CPM on open auction pricing rules" opportunity

Apply this opportunity to allow Ad Manager to make automatic adjustments to open auction pricing rules to improve performance. Converting pricing rule floors from fixed floors to Target CPM floors may lead to higher fill rates and increased revenue. We maintain the same (or higher) CPM on average across inventory with Target CPM-enabled rules. This opportunity is no longer in beta and is now generally available. Learn more


Coming soon

  • Removing the ability to use private fields in the GPT API

    On January 21, 2019, we'll remove access to private fields and methods that aren't documented in our GPT API reference guide. Some publishers had been relying on these undocumented fields, which we don’t support and can change without notice. To ensure that we’re supporting your needs, we recommend requesting any new fields/methods through the "Send Feedback" button in our GPT API reference guide.

    Publishers currently using unsupported fields should consider updating their JavaScript to avoid any breakage. Before January 21, you can force a restriction against accessing private fields and methods as follows:

    1. Append #googEnableStrictApi to the URL.
    2. Open Chrome Developer Tools and check the Console to see GPT-related errors.

    Learn more

  • Connect Ad Manager to Google Data Studio (Google Ad Manager 360)

    You can add Ad Manager as a data source in Data Studio to visualize your reports and share them with others in your organization or publicly.

  • Deprecation of the Yield report

    The Yield report has been deprecated and will become unavailable in January 2019. You can find similar functionality in the "Demand comparison" card on your Overview Home dashboard, along with more insights and analysis. Learn more

  • Deprecation of SDK Mediation creatives

    The SDK Mediation creative type will soon be deprecated and stop delivering to mobile app content. Use Ad Manager yield groups instead. Learn more

  • Filter the Overview home dashboard by inventory type

    A new inventory filter has been added to the Overview home dashboard. You can access it from a drop-down menu at the top of the dashboard. The filter is set to "All inventory" by default.

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