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Release notes for April 8, 2019

Other product or help center updates

Notifications has a new look

Notifications has a new grouped view, summarizing notification types and the number of total notification instances for each type. The detailed view of notification instances are sorted by newness, with notifications which are new since the last visit displayed in bold font. Learn more


Coming soon

  • Rendering of synchronous GPT tags no longer supported
    On December 3, we deprecated the ability for GPT to render ads synchronously. This means that the API methods enableSyncRendering() and enableAsyncRendering() are no longer supported, but they will continue to function until April 16, 2019. Learn more

    On April 16:

    • We’ll completely remove the functionality.
    • Calls to enableSyncRendering() or enableAsyncRendering() will result in a JavaScript error.
    • GPT will only render ads asynchronously. Asynchronous ad rendering results in a better user experience. Learn more

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