What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for December 17, 2018

Traffic and deliver ads

Create Ad Exchange-only yield groups and target them for backfill

You can now use yield groups instead of line items to target Ad Exchange for backfill. Create a new yield group, assign targeting criteria, and save. No other yield partners are required to save the yield group, and Ad Exchange will be added by default as the only source to backfill ad requests. Learn more

Report and optimize

Improved key-value reporting  (Beta) 

We made it easier to report on keys in Ad Manager:

  • Reportable keys: You can now include any targeting key in reporting by marking it as "Reportable." There's a limit of 30,000 reportable key-values.
  • Custom dimensions: Transform your most important predefined keys into "custom dimensions." You can then select these custom dimensions when setting up Ad Manager reports.
Learn more

Historical report core dimensions and metrics

Core dimensions and metrics work together in most situations, making it easier to understand which are compatible with one another. When you use core dimensions and metrics together in your Ad Manager Historical report, you can assume that they'll consistently follow a specific set of rules and produce predictable results. Learn more


Coming soon

  • Connect Ad Manager to Google Data Studio (Google Ad Manager 360)
    You can add Ad Manager as a data source in Data Studio to visualize your reports and share them with others in your organization or publicly.
  • Deprecation of the Yield report
    The Yield report has been deprecated and will become unavailable in January 2019. You can find similar functionality in the "Demand comparison" card on your Overview Home dashboard, along with more insights and analysis. Learn more
  • Deprecation of SDK Mediation creatives
    The SDK Mediation creative type will soon be deprecated and stop delivering to mobile app content. Use Ad Manager yield groups instead. Learn more
  • Filter the Overview home dashboard by inventory type
    A new inventory filter has been added to the Overview home dashboard. You can access it from a drop-down menu at the top of the dashboard. The filter is set to "All inventory" by default.

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