What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for October 21, 2019

Traffic and deliver ads

Simplified smaller ads

We’re starting to roll out the simplified process to serve creatives that are smaller than the original inventory size. Previously, you used the flexible sizes Ad Exchange rule type to determine how small of a creative you’d accept, or to opt out of smaller sizes altogether. Once ad slot contraction is activated for you, Google will automatically choose an appropriate range of smaller sizes that maximizes revenue while preserving user experience. The legacy flexible sizes rules and UI will be removed once ad slot contraction is activated. Learn more

Report and optimize

New Query Tool metrics

Four new metrics have been added to Ad Manager Query Tool. These include "Ad server tracked ads," "Ad server unfiltered tracked ads," "Ad server begin to render impressions," and "Ad server unfiltered begin to render impressions." Learn more


Coming soon

  • Changes to counting methodology for “Total code served count” and “Unfilled impressions” mediation metrics
    As we continue to improve Ad Manager Reporting, we’ve increased the accuracy of some mediation metric counting methodologies. Due to increased precision, you may notice a decrease in “Total code served count” and “Mediation fill rate” and an increase in “Unfilled impressions” when compared to the previous methodologies.

  • Ad Exchange Data Transfer fields will be deprecated soon
    Ad Exchange click metrics, creative conversion events, and view termination events will be removed from Ad Exchange Data Transfer files soon. Additionally, Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals Ad Manager metrics will no longer be available in Ad Exchange Data Transfer files. Ad Manager Data Transfer files aren’t affected by this change.

  • GPT passback function will be deprecated soon
    Beginning on November 12, we will be deprecating GPT’s definePassback() and defineOutOfPagePassback() API functions in order to remove synchronous behavior. If you want to use a passback from a 3rd party ad server, use a standard Google Publisher Tag written into an iframe. Learn more

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