Forecasting and key-values

When you check inventory for a prospective line item that includes key-values, keep the following in mind:

  • After you add the key-values to ad tags on your website, Ad Manager will need some time to gather enough data to fully consider them in forecasts.
  • After enough time has passed since adding the key-values to your ad tags, you can use the key-values in any forecasts without any other setup required.
  • Regardless of whether the key-value only accepts predefined values or also accepts dynamic values, only those keys and values that have been added to the website’s tags with enough time before the forecast are fully accounted for when projecting inventory.
  • The best practice for adding new custom keys and values is to add them to your ad tags, wait the appropriate amount of time, and only then start using them in targeting. This makes your forecasts current as soon as you start targeting to the new keys and values.
The custom criteria type (dynamic or predefined) has no effect on forecasting. You can switch from one to the other anytime.
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