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Forgot my password , I HAVE ALL THE RECOVERY ACCESS but cant Recover my email back 4 Recommended Answers 0 Relevant Answers 52 Replies 87 Upvotes
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Hey there . So I forgot the password to my email address when I switched to a new phone . I have access to the recovery phone number , email id and the last password . I presented all the security questions as asked but still google isnt verifying my access to my account . I have had several attempts and I think now its just gone to Googles spam folder . Researching it from so long . Hopeless and sad , my youtube account from 4 years is linked to it . Please dont send useless links as I have tried it all . Someone needs to help me inform someone at google for my problem . Yes I turned off vpn tried from a known wifi everything . Humble request . Please help !
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conscioustunes 100
If you do not know the Gmail/Google account log in credentials, or have trouble accessing the Gmail/Google account, then you will need to undertake Account Recovery ("AR").  There is no other way.
Start by reading the whole of this following message, slowly and carefully!
  • For lost passwords, if applicable, check the  password manager in your browser,  or installed on your device.
  • If you find your password,  probably all good;  hopefully no further assistance will be required.
  • Google will not send a password reset link on demand.  
  • Read I'm having trouble resetting my password help page from Google
  • Google cannot help with passwords for third party apps.  (Facebook, Twitter, games, web sites, etc.)  Ask those 3rd party people for help. 
Otherwise, proceed as follows.
  • Account Recovery ("AR") is the ONLY way to recover the account.
  • If you are unwilling to undertake AR,  Google will refuse all further assistance.
    • We cannot personally assist you in this process. Only the account claimant can complete the AR process.
Don't know the account name?  Select "Forgot email" in the first step.  Without account name, recovery is not possible.
  • There is no personal service from Google for free Gmail accounts.  All help in the forum only, at no charge.
  • You cannot contact or visit Google, they will refer you back here.  Google do not answer email. 
    • Do not use scammers advertising in the internet, or posting here  $$$, can't help, may install ransomware, not associated with Google.
Google will not return the account if you can't provide enough information to convince them as to "ownership" of the account.
  • The decision is made by Google;  not by the volunteer helpers in this forum.  We do not know the criteria Google use.
    • The response may be delayed by Google, depending on the complexity of your problem.
ID, documentation, personal information, etc. are not accepted by Google. These do not prove rightful account "ownership".
  • You can't choose the questions Google ask, and we don't know how or why they choose these questions, and not others.
  • "Security" questions may, or may not, be asked.  Google has deprecated these.
  • When answering a question, be as accurate as possible, or "Choose Another Question" / "Try Another Way".
    • If Google want to send a code to a 'phone you no longer have, choose "I don't have my phone".
    • If Google offer to send to an email address you no longer have, choose 'Try another way".
Hacked, and Google offer to send a Verification Code to an email address changed by the hacker?  Select "Try Another Way".
  • If a hacker changed recovery details, insert the details you set up, if asked for this information.
  • Google do not expect you to know what the hacker changed these details to.
    • You alone are responsible for your account security;  this is not Google's responsibility.
Google authenticator not available and causing your problem?  
  • You will have to install Authenticator again in your device.
  • Or chose a web based app such as Authy.  Others out there as well.
  • All accounts will need to be set up again.
    • This can only be done if account recovery is successful.
For account creation date, if needed, read  https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/2394368?msgid=2420513 
  • When attempting AR, use, if possible, a device, browser, location, and connection type that recently allowed you to access the account.
    • Do not use a VPN when attempting AR
If your YouTube channel was hacked, or you are locked out because you cannot access your Google account, carefully note the following:-
  • We cannot help in this forum with YouTube issues.
  • Specific YouTube help is in the YouTube forum.   
  • You MUST have access to your Google account before asking for YouTube help
  • If you still have access to your Google account (Gmail, etc); then your account must be secured as quickly as possible.  Your account was hacked to gain access to YouTube.
  • Read and apply ALL steps here Make your account more secure.  
    • YouTube people cannot help with Gmail/Google account problems;  this forum only please.
For problems with hacked AdSense accounts:-  
  • Use the AdSense troubleshooter 
  • If further assistance is needed, ask in the AdSense forum.
  • We cannot help with AdSense in this current forum.
    • AdSense people cannot help with Gmail Account Recovery; this forum only please.
Now read Gmail account recovery to understand the process.
  • Then go to Recover your Google Account or Gmail,  follow the steps in that link.
  • ONCE ONLY!  (one more time please, even if you have previously tried).  
    • There is no other way to regain access.
We need to know:- How did Google respond AFTER you submitted the Account Recovery for your Gmail account?  This usually will be an on screen when you completed the process. (Redact anything personal).  We need to know the EXACT reply, in order to provide you with more assistance, if possible.  No further help can be given, until we receive that information.
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Hey there . Thank you for your information but I already know all of this . Please be clear . I changed my sim from 3G to 4G same network same number while changing my phone thats when I lost my emails password . I have all the recovery back up so I wasnt worried at that time but now I am . I entered my id --> forgot password --> entered last password --> asked my recovery number (still same number though sim is changed from 3g to 4g) --> got the verification code --> entered verification code that was sent to my phone --> asked for my recovery mail (I still have it ) --> presented --> they sent a verification code --> presented--> after all this google says sorry google cant verify you ! What should I do . I followed all the recovery steps have access to all my recovery options but google still cant verify its me . Im so frustrated . Gave all the three steps correctly . Please help
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conscioustunes 100
Thanks for coming back with that information.  Please do not continue with account recovery.
Google have been asked to send you a request for more details, to assist them in personally evaluating your case. They should emailing you, usually within the next 48 hours - longer over weekends/holidays.    
The email from Google will be delivered to the account which you are using to post here, and you must also reply from the same account which received their email.   In the meanwhile, no more recovery attempts!
Take your time, and take care with your reply, and be as accurate as possible.  Google employees will be making the final decision, not the volunteers assisting in this forum. Google do not accept ID, or documentation of any kind.  Google usually reply and give their decision within 96 hours of you sending the requested information back to them. 
There is no guarantee that Google will be able to return your account.
(ADDENDUM: Unfortunately, with COVID-19 staffing issues, Google are taking much longer than these "normal" stated times.   Substantially!)
IMPORTANT:  The contact email address you give to Google when you reply to them MUST be the same contact address you used when you attempted account recovery.
If Google decline to return access to the account, then we probably will  be unable to provide any further assistance. 
(Note:  You need to immediately make your account more secure when and if Google manage to return it.. Follow ALL steps in that help page.)
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Thank you sir . A ray of hope finally . Im just scared about the fact that I may not know when I made this email address it was way back . All the other recovery options are with me . I remember last 3 passwords before the one I forgot . Have my same phone number (but a different 4G sim) . Have access to my recovery email which I provided . Thank you for your help . Please help me inform google about my difficulties . I would be grateful beyond words if I got my email back . There is so much hard work into it and my adsense and youtoube is linked to it
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Dear YouTube Team, My channel (tannu1322) should have not been terminated. I don't believe my videos/channel violated the "community guidelines". Can you please check my channel again to see, if people have wrongly flagged my videos. My videos had NO "Nudity or sexual content "(your reason), that should not be out of the sexual content rules. NO "Violent or graphic content" there is no graphic content. NO "Hateful content" there is no political or any hateful speech at all . NO "Threats". " I never and would never do this. No "Spam/scam". " there is no spam/scam content. No "misleading metadata" I always follow the rules for tagging . And if I it was my mistake to upload content over rules than sorry :( i would like to get back my channel. please youtube team give me my channel back. I will not make any mistake in video upload. Thank you.
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