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Dear Google & G - Community 

I want to access my old backup email address that I used in that time to create a cloud storage for some of my dearest memories from middle school with my forever best friends. I cannot access the account because of course my device is not recognized anymore (Even though I am pretty convinced that the password is correct). BUT, to surpass it through a confirmation message or phone call, I need my old, prehistorical, first ever phone number which of course doesn't exist anymore. Furthermore I am residing in a different country for my studies now, so most of the phone numbers I have used for side-Emails dating 5 years ore more older are not valid anymore. When I try to prove its me through a recovery email address option, which I have and still use as primary email, however it proves insufficient (I get the confirmation code and am able to submit it) and says that the account couldn't be recovered. This email is extremely important to me as it holds some of my most cherished memories and unfortunately I don't have the photos and videos anymore. 

Could you @GoogleCostumerServiceTeam please help me access my account back?

And if anyone knows some other way or has experienced the same, help me with some answers?

Thank you very much,
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I too am having the same issue you are but not being able to login to my account that I have had since 2007. The only thing google has to resolve this issue is the recovery sight. Well when I go to the sight I put in my email it says does not exist. I then go threw the next step by putting my phone # and then name on account it says they do not match. So I go and try to create a new account with my old email and it says it is already in use. I have been on the phone with google but they keep saying google has no customer service for Gmail. This is hard to believe being it is such a huge company. My concern is the private information I have on the account and photos that I now can not recover.

If anyone could help with this issue it would mean so much. 

Thank you
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Tedi T
From what you describe, you will need to undertake the Gmail Account Recovery ("AR") procedure.   If you have already done this, we need you to try once again.   Multiple attempts doing this will see you locked out for spamming.  
(Some tips for possible easier password recovery:, if required-
If you saved your password in Chrome, then look at Google Passwords.
Other browsers may or may not have stored the passwords. 
You may have to sign in to the browser to access the password manager.
If not there, maybe in another password manager of some sort, if used?
Otherwise, no alternative than the AR procedure, which follows.)
Can't sign into your Google Account is a good start for account recovery self help.  If you have to follow these steps to recover your account and send to Google,  do this ONE TIME ONLY! 
Helpful recovery hints (you should read these first)  Tips to complete account recovery steps and  Gmail Account Recovery Blog  before attempting recovery.
(If a hacker has changed recovery information etc., then obviously Google do not expect you to know what the changed information is.  You must input whatever you set up the account with.)
Using both a device and location that worked previously when accessing  the account  seems to help.   Avoid using a VPN when undertaking the account recovery process.  Use the same account in this process that you are posting from in this forum.
Helpful hints regarding account creation date in this forum post, if needed  https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/2394368?msgid=2420513   You should read this before proceeding.
ID or documentation of any sort cannot be accepted.  These do not prove that you are the account holder, only, hopefully, who you are.  As well as that, Google cannot authenticate these, as they were not asked for when the account was set up.
Google will not return the account if you can't provide enough information to convince them that you are the correct account user.
You MUST let us know the full response from Google after you submit the account recovery .  (Usually a machine generated message.)  We require this exact information, in order to provide further assistance, if needed.
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I can't seem to remember my old passwords and I'm always having to get someone to help. Please help me out
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where are the answers to these questions
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where are the answers to these questions
Not here.  We only answer the original poste, to avoid any confusion.
People who jump in should be using their own new post, if they want an answer, or the original answer here doesn't help.
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I want to recover my account back
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I have verified my original emails over and over and the system wants my old phone number that I havent had in years. Why is the code being sent to the original emails NOT ENOUGH? HELP
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I've done the entire recovery processes backwards and forwards - and I really need to access those accounts - I can log in via google - it just will not allow me to access my gmails even though I am successfully verifying the recovery codes. I need these for work, please help!
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I can't access my old gmail account. I no longer have the phone number associated wtih my account. However, although I do still have access to my recovery email account it's still not enough to recover my needed account.
I seem to be out of options. Please let me know if you have any other solutions would be appreciated! 


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2 days
My father went through a severe stroke. He can't remember his password and lost his phone. What can we do in order to access his account?
Please help!
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