Manage your Google data with My Activity

Our privacy and security tools let you control and protect your data. Your activity from the following may be saved in your Google Account:

  • Google Sites
  • Apps 
  • Services 

Your Google account saves data based on your Activity controls.

You can use My Activity to find and delete

  • Topics you search
  • Articles you read
  • Videos you watch

Saved Activity gives you a personalized experience including:

  • Faster searches 
  • Recommendations
  • A better YouTube homepage 

If you delete activity, it won’t be used to personalize your Google experience.

How My Activity works

Use Activity controls to:

  • Choose what activity to save in your account.
  • Customize privacy settings to best meet your needs. 

Activity comes from your use of: 

  • Google products
  • Sites
  • Apps
  • Devices that use Google’s services when you're signed in to a Google Account

My Activity lets you use saved data to:

How Google saves activity & content in other places

How Google keeps your activity private

Control your activity

Google Activity controls help you

  • Choose what data your Google Account stores.
  • Customize privacy settings to best meet your needs.

At any time, you can delete: 

For limited purposes, like business or legal requirements, Google may keep certain data for a period of time.

You can always download your activity.

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