Your Primary/Secondary (K-12) School Brand Account is Suspended

The November 1, 2019 deadline to take action has passed. All K–12 owned Brand Accounts that were not granted an extension by their school’s Google Workspace administrator have been deleted. 

Update (June 23, 2020): In light of COVID-19, the planned deletion of some Brand Accounts will not occur on July 15th, as previously scheduled. Availability has been extended to help schools and educators share content. This extension allows the continued use of Brand Accounts enabled by administrators for users over the age of 18 while we work on a long-term solution.

What happened?

Brand Accounts allow users to use certain Google services with a separate identity (e.g., a brand identity) that is not publicly linked to their regular Google Account identity. Brand Accounts are not currently supported for Google Workspace for Education edition primary/secondary (K-12) school domains. On July 10, 2019, Google took the following actions on accounts not already granted an extension by their school’s administrator:

  • Google suspended Brand Accounts whose primary owner is an Education edition primary/secondary (K-12) school user.
  • Google removed Education edition primary/secondary (K-12) school users as members from any Brand Accounts they belonged to.

Is my Brand Account affected?

Your Brand Account may be affected if one or more of the items below apply to you:

  • You were directed to this page when accessing YouTube, or otherwise trying to switch to your Brand Account. 
  • Google sent you an email about this topic on or around May 9, 2019, and/or in late July 2019. (Note that you may also receive a separate email from YouTube related to this same suspension).
  • You see a list of Brand Accounts you are an owner or member of here, under a “Your Brand Accounts” heading while logged in with your Education edition account.

Can my Brand Account be unsuspended?

Suspended Brand Accounts whose owners were not submitted for an extension were deleted on November 15, 2019. These suspended accounts can’t be unsuspended.

Will my Brand Account be deleted?

  • Update (June 23, 2020): The planned deletion of some Brand Accounts has been postponed as we work on a long-term solution.
  • Suspended accounts that were not submitted for an extension by their school’s administrator by November 1, 2019 were deleted on November 15, 2019.  
  • Note: Deletion of your Brand Account will not impact your ability to use Google Workspace or other Google products using your primary Education edition account.

How will my Brand Account be impacted while suspended?

  • While your Brand Account is suspended, use of your Brand Account will be blocked on YouTube, Google My Business, and Photos. You will still be able to access Google Services (i.e. Gmail, Drive, Classroom) with your primary Education edition account, provided those services are enabled by your school’s admin. To access YouTube, you might need to switch from your suspended Brand Account to your primary account. You can do this via the YouTube channel switcher (signing-out and/or clearing web browser cookies might also be necessary).
  • While your Brand Account is suspended, Brand Account content (such as posted YouTube videos, and photos uploaded to Google Photos) might be hidden from you and others, but will not be deleted. 
  • While your Brand Account is suspended, in some cases you might not be able to manage your Google My Business listings. Those listings will, however, remain visible. You can tell if your Brand Account manages a Google My Business listing if (1) the account shows here under a “Your Brand Accounts” heading, and (2) after clicking the listed Brand Account, you see the Google My Business logo in the “Act as Brand on” section. 
  • While your Brand Account is suspended, you will not be able to access the “Download your data” tool with your suspended Brand Account, nor assign any new Brand Account owners or managers.

How can I preserve my Brand Account data?

If your Brand Account is active (i.e. becomes unsuspended, or never was suspended), one or more of the options below may be used to preserve some or all of your Brand Account data:

  • You can download your data while logged in to the Brand Account to export the Brand Account’s content.
  • You can transfer the primary ownership of the Brand Account to another user. The new primary owner must either be (a) a Google Workspace account holder that is not in an Education edition primary/secondary (K-12) school domain or (b) a consumer account holder (i.e.
  • Brand Accounts submitted for an extension are still subject to deletion after July 15, 2020 (if the primary owner of the Brand Account is an Education edition primary or secondary (K-12) school user as of July 15, 2020). 
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