See and control the data in your Google Account

Learn more about what activity and info is saved in your Google Account. Find out how it's used and how to manage it.

Review your privacy settings

You can quickly see and change most of the settings explained below with the Privacy Checkup.

Control what activity gets saved

Use activity controls to choose what kinds of activity get saved in your account. Examples of activity include:

  • Searches you do
  • Websites you visit
  • Places you go

Activity data helps bring you a better experience through quicker search and a more customized experience on Google products. Only you can see your activity.

Learn more about how to control what activity gets saved in your account.

Track & delete your activity

These resources help you review & control the activity saved in your Google Account.

See an overview of your data

Visit your Google Dashboard to see a summary of your data for different Google services, like Gmail, Drive, and Calendar.

See & delete your activity

See and delete activity, like searches you did and websites you visited, on the My Activity page. Only you can see your activity.

Learn more about how to delete searches and other activity.

See & delete places you’ve been

When you have Location History turned on, places you go will be saved to your account. Only you can see your Location History.

Learn more about how to manage or delete your Location History.

Location History helps improve your experience in a few ways. For example, Google can suggest better routes for commuting and show more relevant results for Maps searches.

Delete Chrome browser history

Learn how to delete your Chrome browsing history or browse privately.

This data helps to give you better suggestions in the address bar. That way, you can find what you’re looking for faster.

If you use a different browser, check that browser’s Help Center to learn how to delete your history.

See other Google activity

You can also control other Google activity, like Device Information.

This info can help improve the results and suggestions you see in Google services.

Edit personal info

Visit About me to edit your personal info and who can see it. This info can help people get in touch with you in Google services like Gmail or find things you have in common.

Find out how to edit your personal info.

Change ad settings

You can control the info Google uses to show you ads with ads settings.

This data helps make the ads you see more relevant to your interests.

Learn more about Google ads and ads settings.

Download your Google data

You can download or transfer data like photos, emails, docs, and contacts at any time. That way, you can have the content you’ve created even if you stop using Google services or delete your Google Account.

Learn how to download your data.

More info

Visit these resources to learn more about your data and how it's used by Google.


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