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Creating a strong password

You can help keep your account safe by creating a strong password (e.g mixing letters, numbers, and symbols in your password) and making sure your backup password options are up-to-date and secure (recovery e-mail address and phone number). Here are a few tips to show you how: 

  • Use a unique password for each of your important accountsRe-using passwords can be risky. Use a different password for each of your important accounts, like your email and online banking accounts. If someone figures out your password for one account, it's possible they could get access to your personal information, or other online services like shopping or banking.
  • Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password: Using numbers, symbols and a mix of upper and lower case letters in your password makes it harder for someone to guess your password. For example, an eight-character password with numbers, symbols and mixed-case letters is harder to guess than an eight-character password with only lower case letters.
  • Don't use personal information or common words as a password: Create a unique password that's unrelated to your personal information and uses a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Don’t use simple words or phrases like "password" or sequential patterns such as "abcd1234," which make your password easier to guess.
  • Make sure your backup password options are up-to-date and secure: Update your recovery email address regularly so that you can receive emails in case you need to reset your password. You can also add a recovery phone number to receive password reset codes over text message. 
  • Keep your passwords secure: Don't leave notes with your passwords to various sites on your computer or desk, where people can easily steal them and use them to compromise your accounts. If you choose to save passwords in a file on your computer, create a name for the file that won't give it away. If you have a difficult time remembering multiple passwords, use a trusted password manager. 

Make your account more secure

Learn more tips on how to help keep your account secure.


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