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Control what others see about you across Google services

You can change what other users of Google products see about you. For instance, when you connect with people on apps like Gmail or Hangouts, you can choose to share certain additional information with them, like your birthday and phone number.

Note: Your name and photo (if you choose to add one) will be shown to other users across Google products, including when you communicate or share content.

Choose the information you share with others

  1. Go to About me to edit what others see about you.
  2. Next to the information you want to change, choose Edit  Edit.
  3. To save your changes, select OK.

Note: You can change basic account information, like your primary email address and password, through My Account.

What information can be shared

You can choose to show or hide certain information to other users of Google products. Some of the things you can change include:

  • Your birthday
  • Your gender
  • Employment info, like where you work
  • Personal contact info, like your phone number
  • Work contact info, like your work email
  • Places you've visited
  • Education info

The following information might be shown to people you contact or share with:

  • Your name
  • Nickname
  • Tagline
  • Display photo
  • Cover photo
  • Your email address

More details about your name & photo

  • The name and photo on your "About me" page will show up in Google products that use this information from your Google Account. If you use a different name or profile photo in certain Google products, you might continue to see them there.
  • Changes you make to your "About me" photo can be viewed by other users across Google products, including when you communicate or share content.
Preview what your information looks like to others

You can use the "Preview" feature to see how your information might appear to others who have permission to see it.

Preview how your information shows up

  1. Sign in to About me.
  2. On the top left, select the Menu Menu and then Preview. A panel will appear with your information organized in cards.
  3. To close this view, click or tap outside the panel.

Other users who are looking at your information in an app might see different content than what's shown here. What they see depends on a few things, including:

  • What information you've shared with who
  • What selection of information the app displays about you

More details about your information

Where this information shows up

Info you add to your Google Account can show up in a few places:

  • In Google apps like Hangouts, Gmail, and Inbox.
  • On Google services like Play and YouTube alongside content you share.
  • On your Google+ profile, if you've created one.
Who can see this information

Your name and photo can be viewed by other users of Google products. You can choose whether to make all other info hidden (private to you) or visible (shown to people you communicate with and alongside content you create).

Adding info to your Google Account doesn't create a public, searchable profile.

What this means for people with a Google+ profile

If you have a Google+ profile, any changes you make to your info in About me or My Account will show up on your Google+ profile.

Also, any changes you make to your Google+ profile will show up in About me and My Account.


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