Work or school Google Account

You might have a Google Account that was set up through your work or school, a club, or maybe family or friends. This is often called a Google Workspace account. If you also have another Google Account that you set up just for yourself, you might notice some differences when using each account.

When using an account through an organization...

  • You have your organization's address

    You’re signed in with an address like, not one that ends with
  • Someone else might manage how things work

    One or more people in your organization—called administrators—can control which Google products you can use, and how they work. For help or questions, contact an administrator. Who is my administrator?
  • Things might work differently

    At a work account, you might be able to do things you can't do in your other Google Account—like schedule a conference room from your Calendar. Or, your company might turn something off in your work account (like YouTube) that you can still use from your other account.

Tip: Make the most of your work or school account: Visit the Google Workspace Learning Center.

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