Use Google Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock makes it easy to keep your devices and your accounts safe. Here are the ways you can use Smart Lock:

  • Smart Lock for Android automatically keeps your phone or tablet locked when it's not with you, and unlocked when your device is safe. You can choose to have Android unlock based on Bluetooth or NFC connections, trusted locations, when you're carrying your device with you, or when it recognizes your face or your voice.
  • Smart Lock for Chromebook automatically keeps your Chromebook locked when it's not with you, and unlocked when your Android phone is nearby and unlocked.
  • Smart Lock for Passwords takes the hassle out of keeping your accounts safe for your favorite apps and websites. Smart Lock can save passwords to your Google Account and then help you use your passwords securely and conveniently in the websites you use on Chrome and the apps you use on your mobile devices.

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