See security-related notifications and alerts

You can see security-related activity from the past 28 days on your Recent security events page. For example, it will show if you changed your password or added a phone number to your account.

To help keep your account safe, you can check this information for any suspicious activity.

Check for suspicious activity

We'll show you a list of actions that have been taken that could affect your account's security, like a password change, a change to your recovery options, or the addition of an app password. If you notice something on the list that seems unusual, click on it to see more information. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Action: Do you remember taking this action? For example, if you see that an app password was created for a Blackberry but you don’t own a Blackberry, someone else has probably accessed your account.
  • Device: Did the action take place on a device you own or recognize?
  • Time: Do you remember taking this action at the date and time listed?
  • Location: Do you remember accessing your account from this location?

Check for suspicious alerts

We send you notifications when we notice suspicious activity in your account, like sign-ins from an unfamiliar device or location. On your Recent security events page, you can see a list of alerts we sent you in the last 28 days, like sign-ins that were blocked and sign-ins from new devices. Check to make sure you recognize these alerts and remember taking action on them.

I don’t recognize this activity

If you notice anything unusual, take a look at some reasons why activity might seem unfamiliar, but still be yours. If you’re still unsure about the activity, it's best to be careful and follow these steps to help secure your account. In some cases, there may also be a link provided that will take you to the appropriate page to change your settings.

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