How we determine last used location

We determine your device’s last used location using IP addresses. IP addresses are assigned by your mobile carrier, Internet service provider, or workplace, and are usually assigned based on your physical location.

Find your IP address

When you search [what is my ip] on, you’ll see the IP address of the device you searched from.

Unknown or wrong location listed

Here are some reasons you may see activity from a location you don’t recognize:

Unknown location
Some ISPs and web hosting services don’t specify location information. In this case, you’ll see activity listed from an “unknown location.” To confirm whether or not this activity was actually yours, you can check other details, like the time of the activity and the browser used. If they don’t match up to a time you remember or a browser you recall using, you should secure your account to be safe.
I don’t recognize this location
While we're working on making sure location data is accurate as possible, sometimes you might see activity from locations that are approximate to your actual location. This usually happens when you are using your account on a mobile network, but can happen on other networks as well. If the location listed is very far away and you are unsure if the activity was yours, we recommend following these steps to help secure your account.
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