About Google Web History

You get better search results and recommendations across Google's products when your Web History is turned on.

Your Web History is private, and you can only see your history if you're signed in to your Google Account.

View and manage your Web History

When you create a Google Account, Google Web History is automatically turned on. You can see your Web History or change your settings at www.google.com/history. Learn how to delete your Web History, save your Web History, or edit your Web History on your mobile device.

What is stored in your Web History

Google Web History saves information about your activity on the web, as well as details about your browser, including:

  • Searches on Google
  • Pages you click on from the search results page
  • Results that appeared, including private results from Google products like Google+, Gmail, and Google Calendar
  • Ads you respond to by clicking the ad itself or completing a transaction on the advertiser’s site
  • Your IP address
  • Your browser type and language
  • Your searches and other activity on Google Maps, including maps around the web

Browser history

Your past searches and other web activity may also be stored in your browser. Learn more about managing your browser history on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

How history works when you're signed out

Your search and ad results may be customized using search activity from your computer even if you're signed out. To turn off this type of customization, follow these steps:

  1. Visit google.com/history/optout when not signed in to a Google Account.
  2. Click Disable customizations based on search activity. This will turn the setting off for anyone who uses the same browser and computer as you.

Troubleshoot issues with Web History

Web History not appearing

There are a number of reasons you may not see your searches and other web activity in your Google Web History:

  • Web History is only recorded when you’re signed in to your Google Account.
  • Web History only records certain types of searches, including Web Search, Images, News, Shopping, Maps, and Books.
  • You won’t see all the sites you visit unless you have the Google Toolbar installed.
Web History you don’t recognize

Google Instant

If you have Google Instant turned on, when you type a search and pause for at least 3 seconds, the predicted search will be saved in your Web History. The predicted searches will also be saved if you begin to type a query on Google then click anywhere on the page, like a search result, ad, or spelling correction. These searches aren’t considered unusual activity.

Using your account on public computers

If you notice unusual activity in your Web History that is unrelated to Google Instant predictions, it’s possible your Google Account is signed in to a public computer where other people can search with your account. Learn how to sign out of your Google Account

Other unusual activity

If neither of the two scenarios above apply to you, it’s possible that someone has accessed your computer or your Google Account. Learn how to keep your account secure