Location Reporting & History for iPhone & iPad

About Location Reporting & History

Location Reporting

Location Reporting allows Google to periodically store and use your device's most recent location data in connection with your Google Account. Location Reporting is a per-device setting except for the Google app.

Location History

Location History allows Google to store a history of your location data from all devices where you are logged into your Google Account and have enabled Location Reporting. Location History helps you get more out of Google. You can view and manage your Location History at maps.google.com/locationhistory. You can turn off Location History at any point, but doing so won’t delete your Location History. It also will not turn off Location Reporting, or Location Services for your iPhone or iPad.

Location History and Location Reporting data may be used by any Google app or service, including in ads on and off Google. For example, Google Maps may use it to improve your search results based on the places that you’ve been.

Location Reporting & Location History availability

Location Reporting and Location History may not be available if:

  • Location Reporting is not available in your region
  • You don’t meet certain age restrictions
  • You’re a Google Apps for Business, Education, or Government user, and your account administrator turns off your access to these features.
  • You’ve turned off Location Services or Background App Refresh
As of Google Maps version 3.2.1, you cannot turn on Location Reporting & History from the Google Maps app for iPhone & iPad. If you have Location Reporting or History turned on from another Google app, such as Google+ or the Google app, the Google Maps app may still use Location History data stored in your Google account to give you better search results


Manage Location Reporting & Location History

Location Reporting

You can turn on or off Location Reporting in Google apps that use Location Reporting.

Location Reporting is a per-device setting except for the Google app. This means that the settings sync across other Google apps signed in with the same Google Account, except in the Google app. To turn off Location Reporting completely for your iPhone or iPad, you must turn off Location Reporting in the Google app and Location Reporting in other Google apps.

Learn how to manage location settings in the following Google apps on your iPhone or iPad:

Location Reporting may store some information locally on your iPhone or iPad such as your Location Reporting preferences. Uninstalling Google apps may not completely clear this information. To completely clear data stored locally, you must restore your device. Doing this will delete all data and content, and will restore all settings of the device to its original factory condition.

Note: Location Reporting can potentially use a lot of data. Reviewing your data plan is recommended before using this feature. The Location Reporting update frequency isn't a fixed amount of time. The update frequency is determined by several factors, such as how much battery life your device has, if you are moving, or how fast you are moving.

Location History

You can turn on or off Location History in various places like your Google apps on your iPhone or iPad, Android device settings or on the web.

Learn how to manage location settings in the following Google apps on your iPhone or iPad:

You can also turn your Location History on or off by visiting the Location History website. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit maps.google.com/locationhistory.
  2. Sign in to the Google Account you want associated with your location.
  3. Click the gear icon, then select History settings.
  4. Choose Enable or Disable, then Save.
Important: If you turn off Location History, it's turned off for all devices associated with that Google Account. Note that if you turned off Location History and any iPhone or iPad is offline, that device may still upload locations stored locally when you reconnect to the network later.

View and delete Location History

Go to the Location History website and select a date where you have Location History to delete it in one of the following ways:

  • Entire history: Select Delete all history to delete all stored history.
  • By date: Choose Delete history from this day to delete history for the date you selected. If you select a range of days and choose Delete history from this time period, you'll delete the history for all of the days you're viewing.
  • By individual location: Select an individual location from the list or map. In the bubble, choose to delete that past location from your history.

Location Services and Background App Refresh

Location Reporting and Location History require Location Services and Background App Refresh to be on to work properly.

Location Services uses GPS, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cellular network towers to determine your location. Background App Refresh allows Location Reporting to work when you’re not actively using a Google app.

Learn more about how to manage Location Services and Background App Refresh.


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